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Published 18-03-2015


Midget car racing in New Zealand is about to get a huge boost with the announcement that Seamount Racing will return to the local racing scene with a two car team for the 2015/2016 season.

Making the announcement from Seamount headquarters in Onehunga Seamount owner Brett Morris said “I feel the time is right to again become involved in the sport and even though it’s in the early stages of putting the team together some key decisions have been made”. Morris said that Taylor Clarke will be one of the team drivers and the other will be announced in due course. Clarke has a previous association with Seamount, having raced for the Team in a ¼ Midget in the 2001/2002 season at Western Springs.

The team will be managed by former Seamount Team driver Bryce Townsend. “Bryce has a vast knowledge of the game and with his wide experience he knows what is of the team both on and off the track”, Morris commented. Townsends on track achievements include winning the 50 lap Midget Classic at Western Springs, twice winning the NZ TQ Championships and stunning the Indiana TQ racing community in 2000 when he travelled there and waltzed away with a remarkable six UMRA TQ Feature race wins in the just nine starts.

Aaron Drever has been retained with Seamount Racing in the management role of marketing, promotion and public relations. Interconnectivity with Sponsors and fans as well as the responsibility of the seamount racing branding are key responsibilities that will fall into Aarons Lap. Having a close a close working relationship with Bryce and Brett will ensure that top level management of this team is in good hands. “Brett’s passion and professionalism changed the way speedway did business, I am excited to work with him and Bryce in this dynamic fresh team” said Aaron

The Seamount Team of the past, 1999-2005, engaged several drivers including Bill Clarkson Jnr, Taylor Clarke, Troy Kete, Lance Beale, Josh Franklin, former New Zealand Midget Champion Michael Pickens, Bryce Townsend, current Australian Midget Champion Adam Clarke and American drivers Dave Darland and Tony Elliott. The team boasted a remarkable winning record that most likely will never be equalled in Australasia; the team’s major Midget car title wins include winning the following titles on at least one occasion, the NZ Midget Championship, NZ Midget Grand Prix, North Island Midget Championship the 50 Lap Classic, World 30 lapper, and in Australia, the Australian Speedcar Grand Prix, the NSW Championship the Champion of Champions title and the Speedcar Super Series.

2006 brought big changes for Morris, though no fault of his own Seamount Racing was disbanded and Morris concentrated on his day to day business as CEO of New Zealand’s primary contractor for the distribution and warehousing of glass bottles.

Brett’s passion for midget car racing started early in his life, living locally to Western Springs Stadium his parents first took him along to the Speedway when he was just 3 or 4 months of age. “My love for the sport grew from there” Morris said. In the early/mid 1960’s as a teenager, while still attending school Morris worked several after school jobs to fund several trips to Australia to attend the weekly midget events at Sydney’s famed Showgrounds. Barry Butterworth was part of the racing scene at the time that saw regular crowds of 30-35,000 attending the weekly racing events. “Watching Barry racing at the Showgrounds was a sight to behold, essentially terrorizing the locals with his daredevil driving antics. The majority of the crowds loved him, and he was and will always be a legend in my eyes”. Those trips to Australia are when Morris first dreamed of owning a successful Midget Car team.

The two car team will house a pair of Aggressor/Esslingers from  BSL racing.

In the modern era of midget car racing Morris has undeniably been one of the most successful team owners the sport has seen. His passion, commitment and willingness to help others succeed is unquestionable and with his approach of doing things properly and professionally the local Speedway scene can only benefit.