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UK Ministox World Championship 

NZ8 Jack Miers
NZ71 Sam Barry
Published 15-09-2009
UK Ministox World Championship Qualifying 
Skegness Stadium, Lincolnshire England

At the Skegness Stadium, Lincolnshire England, Jack Miers from Palmerston North had his first race meeting of the UK tour.  In the practise session Miers was impressive, which he followed through in the first race. Starting from the back of the grid Miers finished 5th and then went one better in the next qualifying heat. 
In the main event of the night The Grand Final Miers again from the back of the grid drove an excellent race, moving the currently ranked UK no1 driver wide in the first lap Miers worked his way through the field and by lap 5 was in the lead. With 4 laps to go a race caution slowed the field and the lead Miers had gained was reduced as the grid formed for the restart. 

 As the green flag dropped the UK no1 Aldridge was on Miers back bumber, but this did not detire the Kiwi as he powered away and took a well earner victory. 
Jack Miers is the only NZ driver to have won a Grand Final race in any class at a UK speedway

Next stop on the tour is Birmimgham on Saturday where Jack will be aiming to increase his Qualifying Points for the big race at Kings Lynn on 19th.

UK Ministox World Championship Qualifying Birmingham

What a night at Bham, brilliant.
The tour moved on to the UK's second biggest city, Birmingham, on Saturday for the last World Championship Qualifying round for the Worlds on 19th Sept.
An addition to the the New Zealand contingency was Sam Barry NZ71 who along with Jack Miers needed to gain places in the 2 qualifying heats and gain those valuable points and guarantee their place on the World Final grid.
In Practise Sam recorded consistent fast lap times and adapted well to the UK ministoxs. 
In race one Sam started from the back of the 25 car grid, as soon as the green flag dropped Sam worked his way through the field and in to the top 5 to gain 6 points and his place in the big race next week.
Race 2 fielded both NZ drivers and again due to their good performances were gridded on the back row of each race. it was now Jack's turn to finish in the top ten and guarantee his place and make history by having 2 international drivers in the Mini Stocks world final. Keeping his head as he was pressured by some of the UK drivers who tried to spin the Palmerston North Ace, Jack powered through the grid and took another well earned victory.
Race 3 saw the sparks fly as Jack Miers and Jack Aldridge (UK's no1) battle from the start. Aldridges dominance of the sport was being eroded as Miers took the battle face on to the delight of the capacity crowd. Aldridge spun Miers but this was not the end of it, Miers re entered the race and latched on to the Aldridge car, as they entered turn 3 Miers Forced the current World Champion wide and then came through on the inside, Aldridge retaliated but Miers attacked again coming off the bend, launching Aldridge in to the fence.
In the meeting final the UK drivers made sure that there was not going to be a NZ winner tonight in the main event. Both drivers got away well in the first few laps and had passed the top drivers, Aldridge repaid Miers on laps 3 when he was moved wide into a spinning car which slowed Miers. Sam Barry then took up the fight and was up in to the top ten until a crafty manoeuvre from the Hertsog team spun Sam.
As the laps counted down Miers regained his pace and on the last bend moved 2 cars wide to gain 8th, Sam came home 11th after restarting the car and battling through the grid for the second time in their race.
Miers recorded the fastest lap of the night, with Barry gaining a credible 5th fastest lap.
The tour moves on to King Lynn on Saturday 19th for the finale, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, of the MiniStocks, as part of the Formula One Stock Car World Championship.

Footnote: Word is the winner of the UK Ministox World Champs could be receiving an invite to attend the Ministocks in Paradise meeting at Rotorua in New Zealand this upcoming season as part of a reciprocal arrangment yet to be finalised .