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Published 03-09-2009
An Observers West Coast shed update part 3
The final episode of the West Coast shed updates kicks off with some gossip. The 94gm hotrod of Brian Hahn has just been sold to another Greymouth driver, who is new to the grade, but not new to speedway.  Awesome to see another driver keen to get out there into the stockcar grade.  Go Bucky!

 Another local car is being looked at for purchase by another local ministock driver. Decision should be made in the next week. Will be a good deal Jayden, go for it and come play with the big (around the guts normally) boys.

 This update comes with help from Westport, and a huge shout out to Gill Simpson – thanks for being an observer over the weekend Gill, you’ve done a great job. There are also a couple of extra cars from Guy Stewart – great to see you continuing the form that won you crew man of the year Stewy, though we’d all rather see you back on the track.

??gm? Chris Baxter -  Bought the car from Stratford after being impressed by the racing at the Queen’s birthday meeting in Westport.  Replaced the front suspension, still to replace the side rails, fit seat, new paint job.... looking forward to start of season! Another strong flatty to sort out the space frames!
27gm -  Aaron Mauger -  Purchased Holden v8 from Stratford, and got faster every meeting. Has replaced a side rail, moving fuel tank, making new rims, and a general tidy up. Would be racing tomorrow if he could!!
5gm – John O Callaghan – Jonny Knocka has 2 streetstocks and a stockcar in the shed. The streetstocks are just about complete, and will be making a start on the winter project with Guy Stewart to get another car on the track. Have EA power, bell housing, HQ box, and a couple of Mazda diffs all there ready to go. Just need to fill the car up.  Will be a good war horse to get started in the grade., and we’ll no doubt see a couple of different drivers in this one.
21gm - Gill Simpson -. Has thought about starting the rebuild, but maybe the week before opening meeting might be a better time to start…has plans for  fixing up floor plate, making up new front rims, diff & gearbox to come out and checked, and to get into a general tidy up. Good to see the front bumper is still straight after doing his best to dent the red rocket of 99gm (now sold  - Gill claims its his big hit that caused retirement)
51gm - Brent Wilson - bought 5gm half way into last season. Car went well best place was 3rd, however he stuffed the motor after pulling max revs everywhere the beast went.  Found a runner to put in and entered Sunset Speedway (Westport) two day meeting  that he won. Motor uses half liter of oil every race (still max revs) so it needs to come out, has a broken axle,  front bumper needs to come off to be replaced.    Brent reckons “smithy and tasker give my car a bit of a workout    but I love that shit that’s y we have stocks  look forward to some pay backs” 
687gm – Hadleigh Smith – Got wind of an old Rees chassis for sale, so put the car up on Macgor’s as a joke. Sold in 4 days, and have regretted it since.  New car is former Brad Ridland/Kerry Remnant 98k, and is getting a side rail and crushrails for the new season. Changed from a Holden  to a ford, so hopefully it holds together. Wouldn’t be possible without support of new Crew Chief and former owner Paul Waitere.
15gm – Graeme Nelson – The Mad Maori crewed for Spider last year, and enjoyed it so much he purchased the immaculate Tony Stanton flat chassis ford v8. Has kept the foot flat in the car, and steamed into anything in front – pretty much exactly like the old owner did. Was away for the first couple of visits, but we did spot the trailer. Photo from and their Queens Birthday meeting.

What’s happened to two stalwarts of the class over the last couple of years?  88gm and 99gm Dutchy and Cleve Kokshorn have sold up and retired from the grade. A real loss to the grade, and a shame to see them go. Had good cars, and were good club men, always there to pick the bins up at the end of racing. Clevo sold the Red Rocket to Rotorura, and Dutchy the x Davis Rees chassis to Nelson.   Dutchy was heard to mention that the only way we’d see him back was in a new tank, so we have our fingers crossed – Cleve has a Microlight apparently, but if that doesn’t scare the GF who knows what may happen. Come back soon fellas!

*Late news*Sneak Peak time. The new Brian  “the doctor” Hahns lethal injection prior to its winter rebuild at the Peter Rees workshop. Photo thanks to Goslideways. Might just be another good car for the coast.
Thanks for reading, and hope to see you all at Labour weekend for opening meeting  which is the clubs 25th Anniversary.  It will be a great start to the season, and a an awesome social occasion after to kick of this historic year. Get your entry forms in at 

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